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It is now only a dim memory that the country was shivering under a blanket of snow, with planes frozen to the tarmac like ice cubes at the bottom of the freezer. Spring is now here or at the very least just around the corner, so it’s a good time to start making plans for this year’s cocktail and reception canapé parties.

Mackintosh’s has had a long standing relationship with the London Theatre and the Fashion Industry. During this time the company has had the good fortune to have been involved with some spectacularly exciting parties such as at the 25th Anniversary Les Miserables Concert at the O2 and the opening of Mulberry’s new flagship store on Bond Street. As a leading London caterer we expect 2011 to be a great year, with many of our clients wanting to put behind them last year’s woes and instead look forward to bigger and better events for their special clients and friends.

The wedding season is being given a great start with the marriage of Prince William and Kate in April and has definitely given a lift to the country. Mackintosh’s will be catering the first of its many weddings in March, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the sun will shine and help make it a great day.

A newly developed party planning and management service is now in full swing at Mackintosh’s. Having organised many high profile parties Mackintosh’s has the experience to offer clients not just catering but also a fully developed Event Service. So if you need staging, music, technical, lighting or theming, get in touch as we work with some of the most talented people in their fields to create a successful bespoke event.

Highlights 2010

We started off the year with the opening night of Legally Blonde the musical at the Waldorf Hilton for the after party. The event was themed around the hit musical, with pink balloons everywhere and pink bars from which the guests were served fabulous cocktails. It was a great success with over 800 guests, including the cast and crew who took up the Palm Court and the adjoining Adelphi rooms. Over 5,000 fun American style canapés such as mini smoked salmon bagels, Caesar salad wraps and mini burgers were themed by Mackintosh’s.

In June, we had our first ever Promo Event at the Worx where lemon and pomegranate martinis were served straight from ice glasses. For the first time, Mackintosh’s brought the kitchens to the front to show the guests what really goes on "behind the scenes" – interactive catering!

Guests were able to choose cold alfresco salads and soups, alongside tasting plates of sirloin steak and chips which were served straight from the barbeque. Also, mini beef burgers, yucutan chicken, marinated paneer and stir fried noodles were served. This was not where it all ended as we had soft crab sushi rolls and Colchester Rock Oysters.

"The People Speak" event at The Prince Of Wales’ Theatre in September was a huge success. This aired, October 31st 2010 on the History Channel.

There was a unique and powerful performance that was produced and narrated by Colin Firth. Some of the UK’s top performers echoed the voices of our past through letters, songs, poems, speeches and manifestos of these historical figures that went back centuries. 550 guests, including stars such as Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Patrick Stewart enjoyed traditional British delights provided by Mackintosh’s such as mini gourmet scotch quail eggs, mini roast beef, mini Yorkshire puddings and, as a treat, mini candy floss.

One of the biggest highlights of the year was in October, when the Mackintosh’s team catered for the after party of Les Misérables. Over 1200 guests were served a variety of canapés, bowl food and there were 4 crêpe stations serving both sweet and savoury crêpes. The event was a huge success with guests catching a ferry across to the London Eye on their way home. The likes of Jonas brothers, Graham Norton and Michael Ball attended this event. The concert itself was live at the O2 with live screenings to cinemas nationwide. Due to popular demand, Les Misérables was re-screened at cinemas and is now available on DVD.

Corporate Theatre Entertaining

Delfont Mackintosh Theatres consisting of The Prince Of Wales, Gielgud, Queens, Prince Edward, Whydham’s, Noel Coward and Novello all have famous shows running at them such as The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Clybourne Park, Million Dollar Quartet, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia, Les Misérables and Betty Blue Eyes.

What people do not realise is the availability of these venues for alternative events with catering from none other than Mackintosh’s. Hospitality packages are offered from two people to numbers ranging in the hundreds.

Did you know? Top 10 Banquets from the past...

Banquets Just Aren’t What They Used To Be...
Here are the 10 most outrageous banquets of all time

The Romans were fond of a slap-up dinner, preferably one that involved gluttonous excess and lashings of promiscuity. But, according to the historian Tacitus, one banquet - organised by Tigellinus for his deviant emperor, Nero, AD64 - stands out as the most "prodigal and notorious" of the lot.

In Book V of The Annals, Tacitus writes that "the entertainment took place on a raft constructed on Marcus Agrippa's lake. It was towed by other vessels, with gold and ivory fittings. Their rowers were degenerates, assorted according to age and vice."

Although Tacitus' recollection of the event does not extend to a menu card (there, are, however, details of eye-watering sexual feats), we may assume the feast ran along the lines of the one mapped out by Petronius in his Satyricon. At that banquet guests were treated to dormice sprinkled with poppy seed; sow's udders; a hare with wings attached, to represent Pegasus; a calf boiled whole and wearing a helmet; and more than 50 other Roman delicacies.


In 1600, a great dynastic wedding took place in Florence when Marie de Medici married Henry IV, the King of France. The ceremony in the cathedral was an impressive feat of theatre but had nothing on a party for 300 guests, held at the Palazzo Vecchio's Salone dei Cinquecento. The festivities were designed by the Florentine sculptor and architect Bernardo Buontalenti, who, it seems, had a limitless budget. Historical reports say there were more than 50 courses at the banquet. The first surprise, though, came shortly before the starter - when the guests sat down, unfolded their napkins and saw songbirds fly out. The highlight of the meal was sherbets of milk and honey, which were created by Buontalenti and inspired by Marie, who had brought the recipe for sherbet from France.


Wedding Tips with Mackintosh’s Seasoned Wedding Planner

Having asked many co-event managers and party planners what advice they would give to a bride, this is what the general consensus was offered…

The Music
Create a list of songs you “do” want your band/DJ to play, but DO NOT create a specific list and playing order for them to follow. Many brides and grooms have over managing the beats; resulting in missing those “festive highs” the pros know how to attain. Leave it to the talent of the professional you hired.

The Menu
Don’t plan a menu thinking you’re going to please everyone. Do design your menu to celebrate the season and to please the majority.

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Venue Of The Month
Waldorf Hilton Hotel

Thinking of that special venue to celebrate the occasion? Whether it?s a grand wedding, awards ceremony or simply a corporate meeting, why not visit the Waldorf Hilton Hotel?

Situated in the heart of the West End and within close proximity to London landmarks such as The Royal Opera House, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, the hotel is the perfect place for your event. The Hotel celebrated 100 years of rich history and heritage in 2008 and balances classic beauty with contemporary design which is featured throughout, with modern style and technology set against an Edwardian backdrop. Combining the hotels elegance with Mackintosh's catering expertise, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable event.

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